Access and Equity Webinar: Make your Organization more Accessible as Frontline Staff and Managers

In 2005 the government of Ontario enacted the Accessibility

The degree to which organizations and their services can be accessed by as many diverse people as possible. Whether something is accessible can depend, for example, on service design, organizational climate and culture, physical structures. Accessibility is related to the concept of ‘barriers,’ which are practices, structures, attitudes, and other things that block access. See also the definition of anti-oppression.

for Ontarians
with Disabilities Act (AODA). This act provides a definition of disabilityWhile disability is commonly understood as a restriction or lack of ability to perform an activity beyond the range of what is considered “normal”, disability rights activists challenge this definition. Instead, disability is a normal aspect of life. In fact, most people will experience some form of disability, either permanent or temporary, over the course of their lives. Rather than viewing the condition of the person as the source of the problem, an anti-oppression approach acknowledges that it is social discrimination and physical and institutional barriers that are the greatest challenge for those with disabilities.<
and lays out province-wide mandatory standards

Desired and achievable levels of performance against which actual performance can be compared. Standards help to bolster public confidence, promote transparency and accountability, enhance performance and effectiveness, and help organizations achieve their mission, improve their practices, and educate board and staff about good practices.

on accessibility in all areas
of daily life. These standards were developed to identify, prevent and
remove barriers for people with disabilities. The AODA outlines standards,
entrenching them in law with timelines for fulfillment.

Key elements to  apply to the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities
Act (AODA)

This webinar highlights key elements that apply to the five important 
standards: Customer service, Employment, Information and communication,
Transportation, Built environment. Introduction to the Accessibility for
Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA)