A Community Based Approach

This category focuses on how your organization engages with the communities and clients you serve. The standards in this category deal with three main areas: approaches to service delivery that helps to strengthen communities, addressing systemic issues of equity and accessibility, and working collaboratively with partners, other agencies and across sectors. Listed below are the various standards within the main areas of A Community Based Approach. For a more in-depth overview of this category we encourage you to listen to the short video on the right side of the page.

Strengthening Communities

  1. Our organization engages with, responds to, and measures our impact on the immigrant and refugee communities we serve.
  2. Our organization is committed to a client-centered approach.
  3. Our organization facilitates client and community capacity building.
  4. Our organization examines broader trends and their impact on immigrants and refugees and the services we provide for them.
  5. If appropriate, our organization engages in relevant and ethical research.

Improving Conditions for Immigrants & Refugees

  1. Our organization addresses systemic issues that impact the lives of immigrants and refugees.
  2. Our organization is committed to anti-oppression, equity and accessibility.
  3. Our organization keeps informed about the barriers to accessing services that exist for a diverse range of immigrants and refugees.
  4. Our organization has made improvements and changes to address the barriers facing immigrants and refugees that we have identified.

Communications & Collaboration

  1. Our organization takes a collaborative approach with other organizations to best serve immigrants and refugees.
  2. Our organization communicates with the broad community and external stakeholders.