Governance & Strategic Leadership

In this category you will assess your organization in the following three areas: strategic leadership, board roles and responsibilities, and board structure and operations. Listed below are the various standards within the main areas of Governance & Strategic Leadership. For a more in-depth overview of this category we encourage you to listen to the short video located in the right hand corner of this page.

Strategic Leadership

  1. Our organization has a clear mission, vision, and set of values.
  2. Our organization regularly engages in strategic thinking and planning.

Board roles & responsibilities

  1. Our organization operates in compliance with relevant legislation.
  2. Our board has mechanisms in place to fulfill its financial responsibilities.
  3. Our organization has a sustainable and ethical resource development plan.
  4. Our board fulfils its fiduciary responsibilities to staff, volunteers, clients and community members.
  5. Our board has an effective relationship with the Executive Director.
  6. Our organization is clear about our board and staff roles.
  7. Our board has good risk management policies and practices.
  8. Our board makes effective use of our membership.

Board structure & operations

  1. Our board structure and model enable work to get done effectively.
  2. Our board plans and operates effectively.
  3. Our board has systems and processes in place to ensure its stability and renewal.
  4. Our board members understand their roles, responsibilities and the opportunities for growth and development.
  5. Principles of anti-oppression are embedded in our board policies and practices.