This category focuses on four areas of internal systems: operational and internal systems, organizational culture, leadership, and capacity development, physical and technological infrastructure, and financial management. Listed below are the various standards within the main areas of Operations. For a more in-depth overview of this category, we encourage you to listen to the short video located in the right hand corner of this page.

Operations & Internal Systems

  1. Our organization’s operations are aligned with our mission and priorities.
  2. Our organization has clear and transparent decision-making & internal communication systems.
  3. Our organization has an effective and relevant organizational structure.

Learning & Innovation

  1. Our organization promotes a culture of evaluative thinking and ongoing learning to improve our programs, services and operations.
  2. Systems are in place to nurture leadership throughout our organization.

Physical & Technological Infrastructure

  1. Our organization’s working spaces reflect organizational & program/service needs and priorities.
  2. Our organization has and implements policies and procedures related to knowledge and information management.
  3. Our organization has sufficient technological infrastructure to meet our program, service & administrative needs.

Financial Management

  1. Financial management practices are in line with legal, regulatory and funder requirements, as well as sound financial management practices.