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Hello and welcome to the OrgWise Organizational Standard Initiative Peer Learning Community of Practice.  OSI Peer Learning Community of Practice is a forum aim to foster peer to peer engagement, information sharing and to collectively strengthen leaders within the immigrant serving sector.

The Peer Learning Community of Practice is a portal where individuls and organizations can interact and dialogue about a wide range of issues from organizational capacity and infrastructure development  to individual personal care management. We hope that this on-line peer learning community will be a platform for Executive Directors and Senior Managers to communicate and receive support.

We welcome your questions, comments, thoughts and feedback and hope that you, Org-wise users will take the opportunity to communicate on a wide variety of issues.


The forum is categorized into the 4 main areas of the Organization Assessment Tool Org-wise (Community Based Approach, Governance and Strategic Leadership, Operations and Human Resources), the forum also includes general discussions, mentorship Corner, and peer groups.


A Community Based Approach focuses on how your organization engages with communities and clients you serve. For example, approaches to service delivery, addressing systemic issues of equity and accessibility etc.

Governance and Strategic Leadership focuses on three (3) areas: strategic leadership, board roles and responsibilities, and board structure and operations.

Operations focus on four (4) areas of internal systems: operational and internal systems, organizational culture, leadership and capacity development, physical and technological infrastructure, and financial management

Human Resources focus on promoting a positive and equitable work environment, hiring, engagement and retention of staff, and managing volunteers and students.

General Discussion focuses on topics outside the four categories of the Organizational Standards it is a place to exchange greetings and chitchat with members. Please feel free to share, communicate, educate and de-stress here, consider it a safe and friendly environment.


General Guidelines for using the Forum:

If you are a first time user to online forums, we hope that the forum user guide orientation will help you in navigating the online community.

Be respectful and clear when you ask your questions or help to answer others post.

The discussion will follow Orgwise.ca Terms and condition and the OSI Peer Learning Community of Practice  Forum General Rules

Some of the discussions will be moderated. All postings will be reviewed for content before they are posted to the discussion. This means that we will delete any posting we think is inappropriate to be on OSI Peer Learning Community of Practice  Forum

Familiarize yourself with the rules and guidelines that govern the online forum

Try to adhere in order to avoid being blocked from the forum for unintentionally breaking the rules.

Above all, don’t be shy to voice your opinion; that’s what forums are for.


Orgwise Account is required to access forum

Now that you are here, this means that you have already sign up for a username and password through Orgwise.ca that allow you to post information to this discussion. Your privacy is important to us and no information you provide will be shared with anyone else, or misused by OSI Peer Learning Community of Practice Forum. Read our Privacy Statement for more information.

Participating in forums is another way to stay in contact with persons belonging to the same community and to keep abreast of current events, learning opportunities and networking. It’s a place to voice your opinions, be heard and discover other’s thoughts. 

Please be aware that the information contained in this discussion forum should never be taken as legal advice. For legal advice, please consult a lawyer.


We look forward to your questions and comments. Welcome to our discussion area.

From OCASI Organizational Standards Initiative Team




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