Making the Most of Millennials

Finding innovative and creative ways to attract individuals to volunteer and internship positions in agencies has always been important for organizations in the immigrant and refugee-serving sector

Used broadly to define a group or cluster of agencies that share some commonality. Here ‘the sector’ refers to community based agencies that serve immigrants and refugees in Ontario. Other relevant sectors include the broader non‐profit sector (sometimes referred to as the voluntary sector), and the community social services sector.

. A new generation, known as the Millennials or Generation Y, is becoming increasingly interested in gaining professional and volunteer experience in the non-profit sector. This technologically-savvy demographic is looking to further their skills and their professional careers, but how can agencies effectively reach out to these individuals and capitalize on their talents? What kind of opportunities are Millennials looking for and how can agencies use their skills to build organizational capacityA multi‐faceted concept referring broadly to an organization’s power, strength, and ability to grow, develop, and accomplish its goals. Elements of capacity can include knowledge, people and resources.? This webinar takes a closer look at Millennials and identifies unique opportunities and strategies that agencies that use to better match Millennials with positions that make the most of their skillsets and abilities and enhance organizational development

A process through which an organization increases its capacity to successfully pursue its mission. This can include collaboration to create organizational change, to enhance organizational health, and to improve staff satisfaction and effectiveness.