What to do When the Going Gets Tough - Effective Conflict Resolution Strategies and Procedures

Promoting a positive staff

For our purposes, staff refers to agency employees who are neither managers nor executive directors.

relations climate can at times appear to be quite challenging, particularly when agencies must address the issue of conflict in the workplace. Conflict can take many different forms and manifest itself in a variety of ways in the workplace, though if left unattended, minor conflicts may quickly escalate and can wreak havoc on an organization. But conflict may not be an inherently negative force, per se. Carefully managed conflict may represent an important opportunity for agencies to learn and innovate and it may even lead to balanced and sustained growth.  By adopting key policies and procedures that serve as important conflict management

Includes an organization’s Executive Director and managers, but not staff or supervisors. See also definition for “staff.”

structures, agencies can better identify and understand the nature of conflict and match appropriate conflict resolution styles to situations. This webinar examines conflict resolution and management at both a micro and macro level and provides agencies with important strategies and steps for effectively managing conflict within the office environment.