addressing systemic issues in an era of short-term project funding

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In the webinar presentation on July 17th, you stated that systemic issues require root or systemic responses - which I agree totally.  Do you have any tips on how we do this effectively in this era where projects are short term in nature and addresss the individual behaviour...rather that the systemic underpinings of the issues?  I look forward to your thoughts on this?

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This is an issue that

This is an issue that benefits from all community organizations coming together to address short-term funding as part of a shared platform.  Collobrative advocacy efforts is the only way to paint the gravity of the systemic consequences of this issue and will be more likely for decision-makers to understand the broader, social and systemic impact (based on the point of view of many organizations).

Advocacy and relationships are an ongoing process - it helps to collaborate so that you can mobilize community partners immediately when the political climate necessitates your voice on this issue and when it's top of mind in the public.

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