How do I set up an OrgWise account?

  • If you do not have an account you will need to sign up for an account<
  • You can use either your name, organizations name or an email to create your account
  • After the account is approved you can log into to OrgWise website Click on one of the 4 Areas of the self-assessment - A Community

    The broad group of people who are stakeholders of an organization. Extending beyond the people that enter our buildings and use our services, an organization’s community may include cultural groups, sectoral partners, and other groups of people joined together by common identity, geography, and other bonds. Often where we use ‘community’ the word is actually short for multiple communities.

    Based Approach, GovernanceRefers to the source of strategic thinking and decisions that shape and direct an organization and its work and where, ultimately, accountability lies. Includes anything related to non‐profit boards as well as strategic leadership issues. and Strategic Leadership

    When referring to an ‘organization’s leadership’, we mean the board, ED and senior management.

    , Operations and Human Resources.

Please remember to use a password and a user name that is easy for you to remember: Also we encourage that you use your work email to rather than a personal email. Note if you use your personal email your assessment will not count. (Insert the new approach to username, etc.)