Is there a recommended process for working on the OrgWise Self-Assessment?

There are many approaches that you can choose to complete the self-assessment. It all depends on you. Answering the indicators

Evidence or measures that show that a certain condition exists or certain results have or have not been achieved. They tell you how much progress has been made toward the intended goals, objectives, outputs or outcomes. Here, indicators are the practical and measurable markers that monitor specific aspects of a standard. Meeting certain indicators means the achievement of some level of the standard.

require due consideration and represents an important opportunity for individuals to engage in objective analysis and reflection. As such, we encourage agencies to dedicate enough time to work on the assessment. In this fashion, organizations will have an accurate understanding of their capacity building strengths and opportunities for growth.

Here are some strategies organizations have used to complete their assessment:

  • Executive Director works individually on the self-assessment and share the results with staff

    For our purposes, staff refers to agency employees who are neither managers nor executive directors.

    and the boardYour board of directors provides governance to your organization.<
  • Assemble a core team of senior management

    Includes an organization’s Executive Director and managers, but not staff or supervisors. See also definition for “staff.”

    staff to complete the organization assessment
  • Work collectively with board members to answer the Indicators and analyze the results
  • Incorporate the knowledge and input of all staff and board members to complete the self-assessment
  • Complete the assessment as a capacity/ team building activity by dedicating a specific time