My OrgWise Assessment shows that my organization has not met some of the standards


There are many resources on the OrgWise website that your organization can draw on to help meet the standards

Desired and achievable levels of performance against which actual performance can be compared. Standards help to bolster public confidence, promote transparency and accountability, enhance performance and effectiveness, and help organizations achieve their mission, improve their practices, and educate board and staff about good practices.


Here are some strategies that may help you after you complete your assessment:

  1. Review your organizational Self-assessment

  2. Identify which areas of your assessment report are key priorities for your Organization and require immediate attention

  3. Create an Action Plan for the key priorities

  4. On your organization’s action plan chronologically rank the key priorities your organization would like to address first

  5. Draw from any of the compliment of resources that are available on the OrgWise website. These resources includes: electronic resources- policies, template, guides, sector

    Used broadly to define a group or cluster of agencies that share some commonality. Here ‘the sector’ refers to community based agencies that serve immigrants and refugees in Ontario. Other relevant sectors include the broader non‐profit sector (sometimes referred to as the voluntary sector), and the community social services sector.

    specific webinars, videos and organization to organization mentoring.