Diversity in Governance: A Tool Kit for Non-Profit Boards

Diversity in GovernanceRefers to the source of strategic thinking and decisions that shape and direct an organization and its work and where, ultimately, accountability lies. Includes anything related to nonā€profit boards as well as strategic leadership issues. for Non-profit Boards is a comprehensive toolkit for board chairs, heads of board governance committees and independent consultants when working with boards on issues around diversity and governance. The resource highlights five sections that will guide you through the steps for increasing diversity on your organization’s board of governance and includes checklist and questionnaires for assessing board diversity. Starting the Conversation (p. 5) Developing a Board Diversity Policy (p. 8) Conducting Board Outreach and Recruitment (p.10) Creating an Effective Board (p. 15) Keeping on Track (p. 19). 


Maytree (2007) Diversity in Governance: A Tool Kit for Non-Profit Boards. DiverseCity The Greater Toronto Leadership

When referring to an ‘organization’s leadership’, we mean the board, ED and senior management.