Non-Profit Leadership Development


When referring to an ‘organization’s leadership’, we mean the board, ED and senior management.


In this article you will learn:

1. What is non-profit leadership?

2. The Importance of Leadership Development in nonprofit organizations

3. Core competenciesA set of knowledge, skills and abilities required to perform a job. of successful nonprofit leaders

4. How to develop leadership training in your organization

Leadership can make or break an organization. Leadership in nonprofit organizations presents a specific set of challenges and therefore requires a unique set of skills. Executive mentoring and leadership development training can be key to growing nonprofit core competencies among boardYour board of directors provides governance to your organization. members and volunteers alike. At the end of the day, this type of training can create a team that will better serve an organization and help them meet their goals. Whether you are interested in learning nonprofit leadership skills or exploring options for nonprofit leadership development training, here are some thoughts from Third Sector

Used broadly to define a group or cluster of agencies that share some commonality. Here ‘the sector’ refers to community based agencies that serve immigrants and refugees in Ontario. Other relevant sectors include the broader nonā€profit sector (sometimes referred to as the voluntary sector), and the community social services sector.

about the importance of leadership development training in nonprofits.