How do I get Started?

  1. You can start by clicking on the “A Community Based Approach” tab at the top.Alternatively you can click on one of the other 3 category tabs - "Governance & Strategic Leadership", "Operations", and "Human Resources".

  2. You will be taken to a listing of all the standards

    Desired and achievable levels of performance against which actual performance can be compared. Standards help to bolster public confidence, promote transparency and accountability, enhance performance and effectiveness, and help organizations achieve their mission, improve their practices, and educate board and staff about good practices.

    in the category you choose. The standards are organized into sections within the category. For example, In "A Community Based Approach", the first section is “Strengthening Communities”.

  3. Click on any of the standards. You will be taken to the standard page, where a number of indicator statements are listed below the standard statement. These statements are concrete and specific measures of that standard.

  4. Use the rating scale listed below the indicator statement to determine how your organization is doing - choose No, In Progress, Yes, Innovative, or Not Applicable.
  5. You can click on the “?” to the right of the rating scale to get a description of what each of the elements in the rating scale mean. Or, you can click on the "Indicator Rating Scale Legend" in the Help section.

  6. You can also click on “Helpful Hints” – below the indicator statement and rating scale – to get more details on the indicator.

  7. Also, at the bottom of each page, you have the option to add private notes or files for yourself. You may want to make a note to talk to a board or staff person before you respond to a particular indicator statement, or attach a file that shows evidence that you have a system, policy, practice or approach in place.

  8. When you are done with the current page, click on the green “Next” button to go to the next standard within that category.

  9. Once you have completed a category you will be able to see results for that category, and when you go back to the standard you will see resources, tools, and sample policies for that standard.

  10. PLEASE NOTE: everything gets saved automatically so you don’t have to worry about losing your work.