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Coaching Strengthens Nonprofit Leaders and their Organizations - Article

This article explores a number of issues related to coaching

In the context of supervision of staff, coaching means the provision of ongoing and regular support: directing and offering feedback to staff to set and pursue goals, developing their capacity, addressing performance issues, and ensuring staff are equipped to excel. Modeling and demonstration of behaviours and tasks can be key aspects of coaching.

as a relatively new and promising tool for leadership

When referring to an ‘organization’s leadership’, we mean the board, ED and senior management.


By Carolyn J. Curran. Journal for Nonprofit Management

Includes an organization’s Executive Director and managers, but not staff or supervisors. See also definition for “staff.”

, 2008.

Supervision - HR Tookit, HR Council

This resource covers: Role of a supervisor; Functions of a supervisor; Supervisor competencies; Transitioning into the supervisor role; and Executive director's guidelines for promoting and managing supervisors.

Supervisorial development planning

Includes readings, informal activities suggestions, resources for customizing your own supervisory development plan, and a basic guide to supervision and personnel management

Includes an organization’s Executive Director and managers, but not staff or supervisors. See also definition for “staff.”


The Essentials of Compassionate Communication

By Jon Russell. This short tutorial highlights the main ways humans get into trouble trying to communicate, and describes effective new ways to communicate which avoids these pitfalls.

Organizational Communications

From the Free Management Library (US) - a list of organizational communications tools and resources on the following topics: communications assessment, basics of internal communications, external communications, and more.<

Multicultural Calendar

A list of upcoming holidays and celebrations from a variety of cultures.

Accommodations in the Workplace

Download the guide "A Place for All: A Guide to Creating an Inclusive Workplace" or visit the Canadian Human Rights Commission's website on workplace accomodation. The website includes a fact sheet, FAQs, and more.

Sample Human Resources Manual - AIDS Committee of Toronto

An example of a Human Resources Manual - for the AIDS Committee of Toronto - a unionized environment. It covers personnel policies for staff

For our purposes, staff refers to agency employees who are neither managers nor executive directors.

as well as policies relating to volunteers and boardYour board of directors provides governance to your organization. members.

Sample HR Policies - HR Tookit, HR Council

As part of the HR Council's HR Toolkit, this page lists common HR policy topics. Under each topic is an introduction and explanation of what that topic entails or could entail as well as sample policies from various non-profit organizations.

HR Toolkit - HR Council

The HR Toolkit is a comprehensive online resource designed to help managers, employees and boardYour board of directors provides governance to your organization. members better understand, address and manage issues relating to HR in voluntary and non-profit organizations.

Resources in the HR Coucil's HR Toolkit are referenced numerous times throughout the standards

Desired and achievable levels of performance against which actual performance can be compared. Standards help to bolster public confidence, promote transparency and accountability, enhance performance and effectiveness, and help organizations achieve their mission, improve their practices, and educate board and staff about good practices.

in the Human Resources section. You can use the links to the HR Council provided here, related to specific standards, or browse through the entire site on your own.

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