Lucya Spencer, Immigrant Women Services Ottawa and Orlando Ferro, Quinte United Immigrant Services - Program and Service Evaluation

Lucya Spencer, Executive Director of Immigrant Women Services Ottawa, and Orlando Ferro, Executive Director of Quinte United Immigrant Services, share their agencies’ experience with program and service evaluation. Lucya explains that the evaluation process began with a committee established at the board level that oversaw the hiring of a consultant to conduct an evaluation through the development of a questionnaire. Orlando’s agency adopted a different approach to program evaluation as resources were dedicated towards developing a survey and it was then distributed to clients who were using the services being provided. In both instances, Lucya and Orlando explained that it was important for their agencies to identify gaps and challenges in service delivery and determine if services are meeting the needs of clients. They also add that program evaluation is an important exercise in determining and responding to the needs and priorities of key stakeholders. Even though both agencies adopted different approaches to program evaluation, Lucya and Orlando agree it is an opportunity to learn, acquire important insights, and integrate the input of service users as a part of the process.