Orlando Ferro, Quinte United Immigrant Services, and Flordeliz Dandal, Kababayan Community Service Centre- Issue-Based Partnerships

Flordeliz Dandal, Executive Director of Kababayan Community Service Centre, and Orlando Ferro, Executive Director of Quinte United Immigrant Services, share their experiences and insights on forging partnerships centred on addressing particular community issues. From the outset, both Flordeliz and Orlando recognized that in order to address the complex needs and issues of the community, their organizations needed to connect with other agencies and pool their resources so that they may work together effectively. This involved creating platforms for discussing and addressing issues, processes to coordinate agency activities, and ways to create new networks to capitalize on talents and resources. They also note that many partnerships began as informal arrangements with other agencies operating within and outside the Settlement Sector. Orlando and Flordeliz agree that issue-based partnerships take time to nurture and develop, but the benefits of forging such partnerships (including new knowledge, accessing new resources, and adopting best practices) make them a worthwhile investment.