OrgWise Videos

Welcome to the OrgWise multimedia videos.  In these videos, sector

Used broadly to define a group or cluster of agencies that share some commonality. Here ‘the sector’ refers to community based agencies that serve immigrants and refugees in Ontario. Other relevant sectors include the broader non‐profit sector (sometimes referred to as the voluntary sector), and the community social services sector.

leaders from within the OCASI membership have agreed to share their skills, expertise and promising practices

Ways of working that are acknowledged as effective and deserving of emulation.

with their colleagues. These videos focus on the four (4) areas of the Voluntary Organizational Standards

Standards that are mainly concerned with governance and management, as well as broad approaches to service delivery and community building.

, including the OrgWise assessment and sector priorities being addressed by the OCASI Organizational Standard Project.  We recognized that there is a wealth of expertise in the settlement

Amongst community based immigrant and refugee serving agencies, settlement is defined as a multi‐dimensional, long‐term, dynamic process that involves a two‐way process of accommodation and adjustment between immigrants/refugees and society. Hence, settlement programs include a diverse range of services – from those focused on frontline activities that address the individual needs of immigrants and refugees to community capacity building & advocacy initiatives that address the context or conditions in which they live.

sector as well as a strong foundation of agencies sharing, supporting and collaboration, and building of this spirit of sharing and engagement, we documented this knowledge.  We hope that you will find these videos inspiring, useful and current.